6 Gorgeous Attractions in Los Angeles that you must not miss

Still packing your bags for your L.A trip? Hope you are all done with your backpacking for this glamorous visit. Did you know, Los Angeles is known as the city of Golden Angeles? The one thing that flashes our mind when it’s about Los Angeles- the Hollywood town! It is one of the big-hearted cities of the United States.
Though Hollywood is the most famous sign in the city, it also has different attractive places and regions that you must never miss to step in. Let whichever the place be, you have to use nu car rental lax in Los Angeles and keep going all along with your significant excitements of the trip.
Hold on to your excitements, here are famous attractions in L.A that you should merely visit and let the mood flow along with the city.

6 Gorgeous Attractions in Los Angeles to visit

Curious to explore the wonderful attractions? Well, here’s the list of those glamorous regions in the city that you should include in your trip for endless fun and enjoyment.

• Universal Studios

We just discussed being in the Hollywood city, and here we have reached the famous theme park of the town- Universal Studios! Who doesn’t love to enter this lively studio? Trust me, you will love this place, as it has the best of the movie themes and sets. Harry Potter- experience the never-ending magic, Walking Dead- save humanity from these deadly zombies and Transformers- save the universe!

• Venice Beach

Well, the beach is the most relaxing and mind cooling place for any individual, do you agree? Another popular spot in you should add in your list. Feel those sandy and smooth mud along with those blue waves. Just go active and fresh with the beach activities. Don’t forget to take your skateboards and rollerblades. The warm sun of Venice Beach is waiting for you!

• Rodeo Drive

Remember the film “Pretty Woman”? The place is pretty famous for designer and fashion boutiques and stores. You sure might be wondering of shopping the Julia Roberts trend. Looking for the fashionista style? Well, don’t worry, visit Rodeo Drive, yet the rates are pretty high. What’s big harm in window shopping?

• Griffith Park

Included with Griffith Observatory. You will find this park just in the same region as this popular zoo area. Griffith Park is the homeland to Los Angeles wild species and animals. It covers around 4,200 acres of land of the Golden Angeles city. Griffith is one of the large zoos in California. Not just the observatory, it does include various other add-ons and attractions along with the park.

• Jurassic Technology

The Jurassic World? Yes, somewhat pretty similar to the Jurassic world, but don’t worry you won’t see an alive T-Rex over there. It’s a museum with many unusual sights and sculptures. And yes, it also includes a bat that keeps flying just around the walls, well not a real bat!

• Getty Center

Santa Monica has this center at the peak of the mountain. The Getty Center has mesmerizing sculptures and statues that cover the way. You will find different collections, paintings, decorations and drawings from the past centuries.


Los Angeles, the name itself fills up the heart. Well, you might have already added plenty of places in your tour list. You can just rent a car in Los Angeles after you have landed and keep a track on these attractions as mentioned above. Trust me, and it would be an unforgettable memory for you!


If you are on vacation or planning for one, then it’s good trying some of the exotic foods to enjoy some luxury. Vacations are meant to bring happiness, relaxation, as well as comfort hence deciding to use a car rental, complements everything as well. Below is a list of some very best exotic food worth a taste during your vacation.



It’s the worlds most exotic caviars.  Almas means diamond, which is an excellent name for this luxury food of the very best. In the Caspian Sea is the Beluga sturgeon and this is where the very best caviar comes from. This luxury food is the choice of royalty and the rich and famous and is typically associated with luxury and fine dining. The older the caviar the better the flavor, typically this form of caviar comes from Iran.


It’s the most expensive spice used in cooking. This spice comes from the crocus flower, originally from Greece but now grown in other parts of the world where it brings a high price. This colorful and well-loved spice has been used for over three thousand years in food preparation and for the medicinal values, it has. In the past, saffron has been worth more than gold and was used as a currency.


They regarded as a luxury and one of the very best foods in the world due to their rich aroma and intense flavor. The truffles, a type of mushroom are found underground at the roots of certain types of trees where pigs or dogs unearth them.


The soup is among the worlds very best foods when it comes to cost. This dish is often called the caviar of the east and the nests are the expensive part of this dish. They are made from the spit of birds and finding the nests is very tricky, which means they come with a very high price. Typically, the nests come in a variety of colors and the Chinese value them for their medicinal benefits. The blood red coloring in nests is the most prized and therefore, coveted the most.


It’s luxury beef that you would not want to miss. This beef is reared very strictly in Japan and the cattle from which the beef comes are treated with the very best care. It is said that they are fed a special diet and are given massages and are brushed on a regular basis in order to keep them stress-free. By doing so, the cattle produce luxury beef that is said to be among the very best in the world with a rich flavor, tender and marbling of fat that is heavy.


It has often been said that if you need to ask the price you can’t afford it, and that is certainly the case with the world’s most expensive ice cream sundae. This decadent creation will set you back a cool grand, enough for a month’s rent in most parts of the country. For that kingly price ice cream lovers with cash to spare are treated to the best ingredients, including a unique gold leaf topping.
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3 things everyone should know before traveling the U.S

Are you looking for an easy or hassle-free ride to the United States? Here are a few things you should know when choosing a luxury car rental to help you focus on your trip.

Rent a car

While most cities have trains and buses, smaller
cities have limited public transportation infrastructure. The best way to
explore the cities is to go for luxury car rental. However, the rental rates
vary across the U.S. They tend to rise during peak travel seasons like
Christmas, summer, weekends, and public holidays. No matter the time of the
year you intend to go, you need to plan well.

Most car rental companies around the city center will charge less than those around airports. One of the open secrets of renting a car is that you can use different routes. Unlike public transportation, a car rental will allow you to make your traveling plans.

Rest stops

Traveling for long distances can be a truly trying
experience. There are rest stops in designated areas where you can stretch your
legs, go for picnic lunches or answer to the call of nature. Such places come
in handy if you’re traveling with your kids. To quickly access these areas,
here are a few tips to follow.

  1. Find your rest area with apps

While you can keep your eyes on the rest stop signs,
there are seamless ways to find the next resting area around your route. With
technology moving at breakneck speed, there are dozens of apps to guide you on
this. They will not only help you pinpoint the stops but also highlight the
kind of amenities you’re likely to find there. Google maps can also deliver
real-time information where the rest stops are. This will ensure you have the
perfect road trip.

  1. Plan the stops before departing


A general rule of thumb before you begin your
journey is to map out the rest stops. Search for an attractive area with almost
all amenities like vending machines, picnic tables, and restrooms.

  1. Beware of your surroundings


As you pull into your rest area, it’s important that
you stay alert. Beware of the closest mile marker in case of an emergency.
Sometimes, those individuals that hang around restrooms do not have good
intentions so you may want to stay away. It’s also a good idea to avoid parking
behind large trucks which may block the view of the parking lot. Look for a
well-designed rest area with a few walls where people could hide.

  1. Go for well-lit areas

Although the buildings may be well-lit, it’s crucial
that you look for parking spaces that are well lit. If you find a rest stop is
poorly lit, keep driving until you come across another. Criminals are less
likely to approach a rental car parked in a visible area.

Booking your car


It’s always important that you make your
reservations early enough. Be sure to book the car from companies that are up
to standards. If you’re booking online, take your time and read the terms and
conditions. You may want to read the customer reviews. For your own protection,
ensure the company has offices on your itinerary.


When traveling across the United States, a car is a
basic necessity. Luxury car rental will give you freedom and flexibility to
explore the unique sights and beautiful scenery.


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